Funding Changes

Changing Base Salary Funding Source Record

  • Search for the Employee
  • From the Employee-Appointment Menu screen, click “Appointment Information”
  • From the “Appointment Selection List”, click the appropriate Internal ID
  • From the “Appointment Information” page, click “Base Salary & Funding”
  • From the “Funding Source Selection List”, select the existing account number to modify or click “Add Funding Source”
  • Enter the “Percent of Pay”,” Bi-weekly Amount”, or the” Annual Amount”.
  • Enter “Funding Effective Dates”
  • Click “Save”

Verify that the Total Percentage of all Funding Source Records equals 100%

Add a new Funding Source Record, as necessary, to bring the total fund package percentage to 100%

  • From the “Funding Source Selection List”, click “Release for Approval”
  • From the “Data to be Released for Approval” page, click “Release for Approval”

Last updated: October 11, 2013