Joint Appointment Summary

A Joint Appointment in PHR is reserved for those permanent faculty that possess a joint appointment agreement between two or more academic and/or research units. The joint appointment agreement will specify both salary and effort responsibility between the joint appointment. In PHR, each joint appointment unit is responsible for all actions within their own appointment. However, since the sum of appointment records effect one single employee, all actions within each appointment must be coordinated between each unit.

Joint Appointment

The PHR Joint Appointment Summary page helps facilitate the coordinated processing of transactions. We accomplish this by displaying all current, and pending FTE and salary changes. We also add the employee’s “FTE Annualized Salary” or the total salary across appointments. In theory, if this figure changes, then the employee’s total salary will change. For example, a merit increase will alter an employee’s total salary. However, changing salary distribution among units should not change the employee’s total salary if the change is coordinated among joint units.

For joint appointment purposes, FTE Annualized Salary is calculated online by summing the FTE Annualized Salary summing all current joint appointment base salary records and dividing by the sum of all current FTE records.  For example, the employee has joint apt. 1 at 80% time and a salary of $80,000 and joint apt. 2 at 20% time and a salary of $20,000. The Joint Appt. FTE Salary would be calculated as follows:


If the user is processing a salary change to move salary dollars from one appointment unit to another by choosing a salary change reason of ” Realign Salary Among Joint Units” all FTE Annualized salaries on the Joint Summary page must match or the transactions cannot be approved in PHR. All other salary changes can be created with no regard for FTE Annualized salary changes.

However, users must understand that if the employee’s salary amount does not reflect the employee’s appointment FTE, the FTE Annualized salary will never be correct. Therefore, it is important to ensure Appointment FTE and Appointment Salary are accurate. For example, if an employee earns $100,000 per year and the salary distribution is$70,000/$30,000 among joint units, the appointment FTE should be 70%/30%. Any other FTE distribution will negatively effect the employee’s FTE Annualized Salary.

Last updated: May 5, 2016