Leave Balance Summary

This page provides detailed information about the employee’s leave balances. Leave Balance SummarySpecifically, annual, sick, personal, and holiday. For each leave type there is:

1.       A Beginning Balance as of the end of the last pay period

2.       Administrative Leave Adjustments…….these are adjustments created in the actual leave banks. These types of adjustments can only be created by the PHR service Center if the department makes a written request with a valid reason. In this example, the employee has had annual, sick, and personal leave balances reduced for our presentation.

3.        Total leave used in all open pay periods

4.       Total Time Entry Adjustment Leave used in all open pay periods

5.       And the projected ending balance for the current pay period

  • The employee’s earning rate for annual and sick leave which is based upon the non-exempt category status and their original hire date.
  • The future date when this employee can expect to receive an annual leave accrual rate increase.
  • The individual leave summaries for past pay periods for Annual, Sick, Personal, or Holiday leave.

Leave Balance IndividualIndividual Leave Balance Summaries Pages

  • Previous pay periods available based on the employee’s current appointment dates
  • Leave used for the pay period
  • Time Entry or Leave Adjustments processed for the pay period.
  • Administrative adjustments made to the employee’s bank by the PHR Service Center.
  • The amount of leave earned
  • The leave balance
  • Notes entered by the employee
  • The last column is for time entry adjustments. If the employee had a time entry adjustment approved, this column would display “YES” and the yes would be an active link that the employee could click to see the actual time entry adjustment information.

Last updated: August 7, 2013