Selecting Position

After selecting the category status from the previous page the “Position Number Selection List” will display if you select categories under the Regular or Non Regular. If you selected “Hourly or Non Standard Payment” or “Graduate Assistant” categories, the system will automatically display the “Appointment Information” page for these categories. The “Position Number Selection List” displays all position numbers available for the category.
Select the appropriate “Position Number” for the employee., whether the position is occupied or vacant, the title, category, and FTE.  To select a “Future Position Number” scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Future Position Numbers”.  Select the appropriate “Position Number” for the employee.

4.3 Selecting Position

You can also view your unit’s vacant and/or occupied Positions by accessing the Position Management suite of reports available from WOW (The Warehouse on the Web). WOW information is contained in the last section of the manual.

Last updated: January 19, 2018