System Overview

PHR Manual Artwork
PHR is an on-line, web-based application that provides the campus with an electronic payroll, human resource, appointment, and time/leave system.

The system is comprised of:

  • Position Management
  • Employee Demographic information
  • Employee Appointment information
  • Electronic time/leave records (Most Faculty, Staff and Hourly employees)
  • Pay Adjustments (adjustments to salary)
  • Pay Calculations (the unit’s total bi-weekly payroll)

PHR Creators use the system to:

  • enter employee demographic information utilizing on-line screens.
  • appoint employees to positions utilizing PHR Position records that are established in the Position Management Module.
  • initiate one-step or tiered approval of transactions either within the unit or throughout the division/campus.

PHR Approvers use the system to:

  • approve appointments and changes to appointments that have been created and released by the unit creator or previous approvers depending upon the transaction type.
  • approve pay adjustments that have been created and released by the unit creator .
  • approve the unit’s total bi-weekly payroll through PHR Pay Calculation (Total Payroll)

Last updated: February 20, 2014