Time Entry/Faculty Leave Adjustments

The Time Entry Adjustments are used to create adjustments to leave records after the close of the time entry pay period. The employee should notify the supervisor when an adjustment should be crested. The supervisor should then contact the unit’s PHR coordinator to create the actual adjustment. Other time entry & faculty leave adjustments attributes include:

  • Time entry faculty leave adjustments are completed for past pay periods when the employee has made an error on their time records.
  • Adjustment time records look very similar to the actual time record or leave record except there is an additional table displayed on the record, below each week, to display the adjusted time or leave. The Department creator simply accesses the Time Entry Adjustment Module:
  1. Selects the appropriate pay period and employee to adjust.
  2. And then re-enters the correct time entry data onto the adjustment timesheet.
  3. The corrections are then released to the department approver and approved.
  4. If the time entry adjustment will affect the employee’s pay…..such as adding leave without pay or overtime to the timesheet………then the time entry adjustments module will create and display an automatic pay adjustment to be paid or deducted from the employee’s pay in the same pay period that the time entry adjustment is approved.
  5. All time entry adjustments are processed with all other PHR employee & Appointment transactions. Time entry adjustments are NOT processed when normal PHR time records are closed.

Last updated: January 13, 2014