Unapproved Hourly Time Record

unapproved Hourly Time Record AdjustmentAn “Unapproved Hourly Time Record” pay adjustment is used when an hourly employee did not have their PHR time record approved prior to the time entry deadline (usually one week after the pay period closes). After the time entry deadline the employee’s supervisor must “approve” the time record before the PHR creator can create this type of pay adjustment.

  • After selecting employee:View PHR Topic
  • Select Type of Adjustment – “Retroactive Pay Adjustment”
  • Click “Continue”

 Complete the Adjustment

  • Unapproved Hourly Time Record - CompleteSelect “Reason for Adjustment”“Unapproved Hourly Time Record”
  • Select “Pay Period where Adjustment is Applicable” (this is the pay period that the time record was not approved by the supervisor)
  • Enter the “Number of Pays for Tax Segmentation”. This is the number of pays over which this adjustment amount would have been paid if the employee had continuous employment. For example, if the employee was receiving $5000.00 as a pay adjustment and the normal bi-weekly is $1000.00 then the number of pays for tax segmentation could be 5. There is a note on the page providing instruction for the user when performing the tax segmentation calculation. If you enter a number greater than the appropriate segmentation number, the system would return an error message when you save the transaction.
  • You may also change the “FICA Code” for the adjustment if necessary. Most pay adjustments are left at the system default with the exception of “Accident Leave” which may require a different FICA taxability. In this case “FICA Taxable” is defaulted since a Final Leave Payout is FICA taxable. Questions concerning FICA taxability should be directed to Payroll Services.
  • Enter “Pay Adjustment Amount” – retrieve this amount from the PHR Pay Calculation system and by clicking “Unapproved Hourly Time” for the applicable pay period
  • Enter “Notes” (if applicable)
  • Click “Save”- If the time record has not been approved by the Supervisor the Pay Adjustment cannot be completed.  The user will receive a system generated error message stating “Timesheet for Selected Pay Period must have Supervisor’s Approval”.  
  • Now, you can see the link at the bottom of the page to change the account number if necessary.

Last updated: August 8, 2013