Pay Calculations Module

The combination of appointment information, time entry information, and pay adjustment information come together in the PHR“Pay Calculation”module.

Here, the unit creator can view each bi-weekly payroll, each individual employee pay record and also “drill down” into the detailed employee time entry and pay adjustment information directly through the“Pay Calculation”module. Pay Calculation information is available for viewing beginning on day 4 of the pay period. Then data is updated each night through day 10 of the pay period. Day 10 of the period is the last day for PHR creators to process changes and have approved PHR appointments, create & approve pay adjustments, and process time entry adjustments. On day 11 and 12 of the pay period“Pay Calculations”MUST be approved by each unit approver.

PHR users cannot change data directly through the “Pay Calculation” pages, but rather through PHR“Employee & Appointment”, “Time/Leave Entry”, or “Pay Adjustments”. Those changes are then reflected the following day through Pay Calculation.

Last updated: February 11, 2014