Separating the time from the date

Create a computed item with this:

ToChar ( Start_Dt_Tm, ‘hh:mm:ss’)

This will put the time in a separate column that you can then limit on (time will be in 24-hour format).  Replace the Start_Dt_Tm field with the relevant field you are working with.

Why would you want to do this?

You are looking at two weeks of data results from the Start_Dt_Tm field which were pulled from the Phr_Te_Time_Slice_Fm_T table. You need to limit the information to those entries where the Start_Dt_Tm is greater than or equal to 1:00AM and less than or equal to 5:00AM on any given day.

The dates and times are combined in the same field which makes it difficult to create a limit just based on the time parameters.


Last updated: August 7, 2014

Last updated: August 7, 2014