Definition of Personnel Tables

Personnel information encompasses personal demographic data, educational background, and appointment information for all employees at the University of Maryland. Information is extracted from the Payroll, Human Resources System (PHR), the institutional payroll & personnel system which is maintained jointly by the Payroll Services Department and Personnel Services Department. The following tables in the data warehouse contain employee & appointment related information:


The PHR_DV_Employee table employee information – one record per person.


The PHR_Empl_Degree table contains degree information for employees.


The PHR_DV_Appt table contains all appointment records for a person based on your security – it is possible for a person to have multiple appointments – in this table you will see each appointment record an employee holds (even if it is in another unit) as long as they hold a current appt in your unit.*


The PHR_Employee_Lookup table contains basic employee information from an employee’s primary appointment record – one record per person.

PHR_Addr Curr Emp Campus Pub

The PHR_Addr_Curr_Emp_Campus_Pub table contains very basic public information from an employee’s primary appointment record – one record per person.


The PHR_Rule_Units table contains all units and their codes with breakdown of hierarchical structure as well as other data about the unit.


The PHR_Rule_Titles table contains data about titles and title codes and other data about the title.

Last updated: March 6, 2019

Last updated: March 6, 2019