How to Remove Unnecessary Page Breaks

When a subtotal or header appears on a page by itself despite “Keep Together” and “Keep With Next” properties – check all of the objects in all headers, subtotals and the top and bottom of the report body.  If any part of any of the “handles” that appear when you select an object appears outside of the section boundaries, either increase the size of the section or shrink the size of the object so the handles do not cross the line.


1.  Turn on section boundaries (on the Report menu).


2.  Select the object with the mouse and look at the relationship between the handles and the dotted line that marks the section boundary.  In the below example, the handles cross the lower line of the section boundary.


3.  Also, check the relationships between the section boundaries and the margins (left, right, top and bottom).  A section that extends over the margins for the page can cause inappropriate page breaks that are fixed by shrinking the section to fit.

Last updated: October 15, 2013

Last updated: October 15, 2013