Probationary Reports

  1. Four (4) policies pertain to probationary reports for nonexempt and exempt employees:
    1. VII-1.21 UMS Policy on Probation for Nonexempt Employees
    2. VII-1.22 – Policy on Separation for Regular Exempt Employees
    3. 2014 MOU for Nonexempt Employees
    4. 2014 MOU for Exempt Employees
  2.  There are two types of probations Original and Status Change:
    1. Original is a result of Initial Employment, and Reemployment (returning after 3 yrs.)
    2. Status Change is a result of Promotion, Demotion, Reassignment, Reemployment, and Reinstatement
  3. Probationary reports are done on Nonexempt employees only.  Exempt employees serve a 1 yr. probationary period or depending on the situation (see MOU for Exempt Employees).
  4. Nonexempt probationary reports should be returned to:

Deidra Adams
Staff Relations
2100 Chesapeake Building

Last updated: March 11, 2016