Creating a UMD Employment Pipeline

As we look towards 2017, consider creating job opportunities for UMD’s undergraduate students as they strive to obtain their degrees. Many UMD units offer a variety of work experiences for undergraduate students, from administrative support and tutoring, to recreational instruction and laboratory work. UMD’s 5,000+ undergraduate student workers receive competitive salaries, which range from $8.75 – $20.50 an hour. Student salaries are dependent upon the scope of work and duties, and vary across units.

There are many advantages to working for the university. Through on-campus jobs at UMD, students can garner real-world work experience in their field of choice just steps away from where many of them already live and study. As they can often schedule work time around class schedules and an on-campus job requires minimal to no transportation, it is a great way to earn extra income AND experience.

Where do undergraduates find these jobs and where do you post a student job opening?  Good questions. In order to answer them, UHR asked the Quality Enhancement Systems and Teams (QUEST) program to help us find out.  Quest is a multidisciplinary, hands-on program for University of Maryland undergraduates from three participating schools. Students take part in a challenging course of study that focuses on quality management, process improvement, and system design through teamwork and co-curricular programming. The program combines diverse knowledge, skills, and perspectives to enhance their professional and personal development.

Team Terpulence, a team of students within the QUEST program, will be conducting a study in order to make recommendations on how UMD can be more efficient with its employment processes of undergraduate students.

Team Terpulence is comprised of:

Garrett Allen – Chemical Engineering major
Matthew Ambrogi – Mechanical Engineering major
Silvia Caceres – International Business major
Megha Reddy – Supply Chain and Marketing major
Devin Rosen – Mathematics major

Our undergraduate student workforce is a wealth of talent, skills, and knowledge and upon graduation a great match for possible future full-time employment at UMD.  The study will be completed in December, and we will review their recommendations for possible implementation.

Last updated: March 16, 2017

Last updated: March 16, 2017