Address – Name Change

Employees who are trying to change their address for payroll or benefits purposes should be doing so through the State of Maryland’s Payroll Online Service Center (POSC) site.  This is the quickest and most efficient way to make changes to demographic information. for both payroll and benefits purposes.

1. Access POSC
2. Create a new user account or sign in with your existing credentials
3. If creating new POSC account, you will need the UMCP agency code 360222 and you last deposit advice number XXXXXXXX. Your last deposit advice number can be found through:
          Click “Payroll and Human Resources”
          Click “Bi-Weekly Earnings Statement”
          Sign in with University Credentials
          Choose most recent earnings statement
          Copy advice number is in upper right of screen
4. Follow the POSC online screens to change and submit your address
Please DO NOT complete and route paper Benefits Change of Address forms any longer as State Benefits is no longer accepting these forms.