Supplemental Retirement Plans (SRA)

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All employees are eligible to participate in any of the Supplemental Retirement Plans (SRA) available through the University of Maryland. We offer a 403(b), 401(k), and a 457(b) plan.

There are three vendor choices: the Maryland Supplemental Retirement Plan (administered by Nationwide), Fidelity Investments, and TIAA CREF. Enrollment packets are available at the University Human Resources Office of Employee Benefits or from departmental Benefits Coordinators. Participation in the SRA is voluntary.

Contributions made to the SRA are deducted from your salary on a pre-tax basis. You may change the contribution amount, if needed, anytime during the year. The maximum allowable contribution for 2019 is $19,000 if you are under 50 years of age. If you are age 50 or older you may contribute an additional $6,000 annually for a total maximum of $25,000. Contributions up to the maximum can be made to both plans [i.e., $19,000 plus $6,000 ($25,000) if over 50 o the 401(k) or the 403(b), and an additional $19,000 plus $6,000 ($25,000) if over 50, to a 457(b)]. Please contact the UHR-Office of Employee Benefits at (301) 405-7575 and ask for a Benefits Services Counselor for additional information regarding maximizing your contribution.


Last updated: November 16, 2018