Salary Structures

Nonexempt (FY2018 Non-Leap Year)

Nonexempt Salary Structure (includes delegated hiring authority)

Exempt – Nonexempt (FY2017 Non-Leap Year)

Nonexempt Salary Structure (includes delegated hiring authority)

Exempt Salary Structure (effective January 8, 2017)

Exempt Salary Structure

Faculty / GA / Fellows

Faculty Salary Guidelines

Stipends for GAs and Fellows

Student Wages (except federal work study)

Undergraduate Students $9.25 $15.00
Graduate Students $9.25 $16.65

Undergraduate students are employed in a variety of capacities at the University.  They must be paid at least the minimum wage that is set by the State of Maryland.  This is currently $9.25 per hour as of July 1, 2017.  The University of Maryland, College Park is not subject to the Prince Georges County Minimum Wage Law. If there is a conflict between county and state law, state law prevails.


Last updated: June 30, 2017