PRD Expectation Setting Meeting

At the beginning of the review period, the supervisor conducts an Expectation-Setting meeting to discuss expectations for performance with each employee who reports to him/her.  The supervisor and employee also discuss the importance and priority of each of the expectations to establish the priority duties of the position.  At the end of the Expectation-Setting meeting, the supervisor and employee document the specific standards and definitions of “Meets Expectations” for each performance area and document them.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  When Setting Expectations to begin the PRD process, it is important to remember that the supervisor and employee are required to conduct the “process,” not necessarily complete the PRD form.  The PRD form is only used as a tool to assist in the PRD process.  Supervisors and employees are free to change or amend the PRD form.  They may use some, all or none of the PRD factors outlined on the various PRD forms.  OR supervisors and employees may choose to use another form of performance expectations (See Models of Expectations below) to conduct the PRD process.  You DO NOT have to use the “form.” You are required, by policy, to complete the PRD process.

(Print and Fill Out)  Expectation Setting Worksheet

Models of Performance Expectations

There are several models that can be used to define performance expectations for PRD.  The supervisor and employee should decide which method is most appropriate for the duties and tasks of the position.

Last updated: April 4, 2019