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Vision Benefits

Vision Plan (Included in Medical Plan)

Routine vision care benefits are available to all employees and their dependents enrolled in a health insurance plan through the State of Maryland. If you are not enrolled in a medical plan you do not have this coverage.

Vision benefits are available once a year for all covered members through their State medical plan

*The benefits provided by the State plan are as follows:

*Please note that the below rates are for quick reference of annual services for In-Network providers and the primary insured.  For more detail, or out of network and dependent rates, please refer to the Health Benefits Booklet for details

Description Plan Pays Up To
Exam – (Available once every year) 100% allowed benefit
Prescription Lenses (per pair and available once every year):
Single Vision $52.00
Bifocal $82.00
Trifocal $101.00
Lenticular $181.00
Frames – (Available once every year) $45.00
Contacts (per pair, in lieu of frames and lenses and available once every year):
Medically Necessary $285.00
Cosmetic $97.00

To access your vision care benefits, you must contact the Member Services Department of your medical plan. They will assist you in obtaining services, claim forms, etc.

Please note that services provided for the treatment of glaucoma and cataracts are not considered routine vision care. They are covered by your health insurance plan as medical services.

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