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Tuition Remission

Take advantage of one of the many great benefits of employment at the University of Maryland!

Eligible UMD employees who are taking courses or who have dependents taking courses at any USM institution will now use the new online USM Tuition Remission portal.  To use this portal for a spouse or dependent child you, must have the Student’s Campus ID of the USM institution they attend. The new online system replaces previous paper and UMD Elf request forms.

If you are a Retiree or applying to Morgan State University, Baltimore City Community College, or St. Mary’s College of Maryland, please use the paper Tuition Remission Request Form.

Visit for additional Tuition Remission related questions.

Additional Information

Mandatory fees are the responsibility of the employee, dependent or Graduate assistant.

If an employee or a spouse/dependent drops or withdraws from a course on or after the first day of classes, all or part of the tuition costs may be charged to them. If an employee or a spouse/dependent drops a course and adds another course on the same day, tuition remission will not be affected. However, if an employee or a spouse/dependent drops a course on or after the first day of classes and does not add another course that same day, the tuition remission benefit for that class will be lost. The tuition cost for that class would then be the responsibility of the student. If an employee or a spouse/dependent adds a course to their schedule with no drops, tuition remission will cover the course as long as there are enough “credits to be remitted” to cover the additional course.

In order to be eligible for the tuition remission benefit, an employee must have an active PHR appointment until the University’s official drop/add deadline. If an employee resigns, or is terminated from the University prior to the drop/add deadline, the tuition remission benefit will be rescinded and all tuition and mandatory fees will be charged back to the employee’s student account.

Faculty or staff employees who wish to utilize tuition remission by taking courses during the day must receive the approval of their immediate supervisor and department head, who will ensure that daytime coursework does not interfere with the employee’s assigned responsibilities, and does not have operational impact.

Tuition remission for all graduate level programs is credited at the prevailing standard in-state credit hour rate at the time the class is taken. However, there are various programs offered at UMD that have higher credit hour rates or flat fee pricing. Enrollees in these programs will be responsible for fees and the difference in tuition that exceeds the prevailing standard in-state credit hour rate for the maximum allowable credits per semester, summer sessions or winter term. Below are the current UMD programs that are subject to this provision. If you are attending a program at another USM institution, please refer with that institution regarding their policy on this matter.

Graduate Programs with Non-standard Tuition and Fees

Programs of study that are exempted from this policy include the M.D. and D.D.S. programs at the University of Maryland, Baltimore, the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) Program, the combined DVM and Graduate Degree Program at the Virginia – Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine, and other programs as may be recommended by the President of the institution offering the program and approved by the Chancellor. Availability of tuition remission for self-support programs and courses shall be recommended by the President of the institution offering and approved by the Chancellor. The host institution shall apply the exempted status equally to the applicants who wish to participate in the tuition remission program, whether from the host institution or other institutions.

Graduate Assistants do not need to submit the electronic tuition remission form each semester or term to receive tuition remission. All GAs that have an active appointment in the university payroll system (PHR) and are registered for classes each semester or term will automatically receive the appropriate tuition remission posted to their student account based on their full or part-time status. However, graduate assistants should confirm with their departmental approver that their appointment is active in PHR. Graduate assistants will automatically receive an email each subsequent semester or term confirming the processing of their tuition remission. Graduate Assistants must maintain an active appointment in PHR through the last day of their classes to avoid tuition remission chargebacks. For more information view the Tuition Remission FAQs and General Info for Graduate Assistants pdf.

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