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Advanced Sick Leave (ASL)

To be eligible for ASL, employees shall:

  1. Have exhausted all other types of accrued leave; and
  2. Have a satisfactory record of work performance and no record of sick leave abuse.

For the complete policy on ASL, please visit VII-7.45 USM Policy on Sick leave for Exempt and Nonexempt Staff Employees.

To begin the ASL process, complete the appropriate form and include the Department Head’s signature.

Submit completed and signed forms to the following:

UHR Leave Management
Suite 3110
Chesapeake Building

Once the request has been approved, UHR Leave Management will contact the employee and their supervisor with instructions for time-entry while on ASL, and the notification process when the employee returns to work.

Please note that the use of ASL constitutes a debt for which payment shall be enforceable upon the employee’s return to work or upon the employee’s separation from employment.
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