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Talent Development

Professional Development Catalog

Foundations of Supervision Initiatives. This highly-interactive series of workshops equips supervisors with the skills they need to build high-trust relationships through effective communication, delegation and conflict resolution. Participants also learn essential management skills for running effective meetings, performance management and training.

UHR’s signature program FSI is on hiatus in 2023-2024 as we support the University’s strategic plan by developing a campus-wide supervisor training program. Look for FSI in 2024-2025.

Strategic Planning

This workshop gives supervisors practical tools, such as SWOT, to assess current strengths and weaknesses and identify future threats and opportunities so they can prepare themselves and their units for future success.

Performance Management Fundamentals

This course gives leaders a simple, fair and effective process for ensuring that employees are involved and engaged in establishing and achieving performance objectives.

Leading Effective Meetings

This course gives leaders the tools to decide when or if meetings are necessary. Participants learn and apply skills for running meetings that are quick, efficient and outcome-focused.

Leading by Principle

This workshop helps supervisors explore the power of these principles and to create practical ideas on how to implement them in their daily lives at work and at home.

Leaders as Trainers

his course equips participants with the knowledge and tools to help create and develop employees to ensure the department runs efficiently and effectively. Leaders also explore how Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are essential for every position.

Keys to a High Trust Workplace

Participants learn and practice a simple, yet powerful three-step tool for engaging and including everyone from basic to more complex situations or opportunities.

Embracing & Driving Change

This course gives participants a fuller understanding of the dynamics of change and uses Lewin’s Change Model to help build a plan that gets people involved with embracing and driving the change.

Delegation is Empowerment

Participants learn and practice a delegation tool that encourages employees to do the work because they want to, not because they have to.


Deciding with Data

Emotions are an integral and essential part of who we are, however they are not always helpful in the decision-making process.

Creating a Customer Service Culture

This course helps participants develop a strategy for creating a positive, caring and enthusiastic culture that focuses on delivering world-class service to your customers.

Conflict as Opportunity

The purpose of this course is to equip leaders with the insight, knowledge and skills to effectively resolve conflict in the workplace.

5 Steps to Effective Communication

The objective of this course is to equip leaders with the communication skills to build trust, improve understanding and elevate performance.


These courses focus on various processes, tools, and policies to guide you on the job.

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