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New Employee Orientation

Welcome to the University of Maryland! We are delighted that you are joining our campus community and look forward to helping you acclimate to your new role.

As part of the onboarding experience, all new employees at the university are invited to attend New Employee Orientation (NEO).

The full program is designed to:

  • Inform you about the key policies, procedures, responsibilities, and resources you need as you start;
  • Empower you to find what you need, know where to go for help, and take advantage of the many benefits and professional development opportunities available to you; and
  • Connect you with the university community, and with your fellow new colleagues.

In-Person NEO is held bi-weekly and is required of all bargaining unit employees. Presentations include an introduction to the campus community, an overview of employee benefits, a welcome and introduction to AFSCME, as well as opportunities to connect with your colleagues. 

Virtual NEO Day 1 is held monthly and includes an introduction to the campus community, an in-depth presentation on employee benefits, sessions on employee wellbeing and safety, essential information and resources, and opportunities to connect with your colleagues. NOTE: Virtual NEO Day 1 may not be substituted for In-Person NEO which is required of all bargaining unit employees.

Virtual NEO Day 2 is held quarterly (January, April, July, and October). The program includes additional presentations from campus offices, as well as discussion and feedback opportunities, all intended to enhance your employee experience, deepen your knowledge and connection, and help you find and build community on our campus.

We encourage you to explore the program agenda and links to new employee resources on this website. Also, download the New Employee Checklist and Onboarding Checklist as aids in structuring your meetings with your supervisor during your first year, as well as gaining clarity about the expectations, practices, and culture of your department.

Through New Employee Orientation and the Onboarding Checklist, our goal is to facilitate a smooth transition and support your professional growth throughout your career at the University of Maryland.

Use the following link to register for a New Employee Orientation.

Welcome again, and we look forward to working with you!

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