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Finding care for a loved one is one of the most important decisions families make. Care@Work is a flexible platform — available on mobile, desktop, and in the iPhone and Android app stores — and connects families and caregivers. Care@Work provides families the tools to help make more informed hiring decisions, wherever care needs arise. With your Premium Membership, families can post a job and browse through active caregivers on the site, utilize the Safety Center, receive newsletters filled with tips and advice, and access the wealth of care-related content in the online Community. You also have access to view full profiles and reviews, contact caregivers, purchase background checks, subsidized backup care, and tuition discounts at participating child care centers.

Who’s Eligible

Regular Faculty and Staff, Contingent II, and Graduate Assistants.

How Much Does it Cost?

The University pays the monthly membership fee and subsidizes up to 10 days of backup care.  The availability of backup care days is subject to the University’s contract limit.

Subsidized Backup Care Rates

Employee Salary In-center care In-home care Personal Network
$40,000 and lower $7/day $3/hr (minimum 4 hours) $3/hr
Greater than $40,000 $15/day $6/hr (minimum 4 hours) $6/hr

(Backup care for adults/elders is in-home only)

How Does it Work?

  • Enroll and log in to your account at UMD.CARE.COM or call 855.781.1303.
  • Select the type of care you need.
  • Follow the on prompts to complete your search for care.

What is Care@Work?

Care@Work by is an employee benefit that helps manage your family care needs while balancing work. Enroll today to learn more.

How do I sign up?

Visit or download the Care@Work app to enroll (available in the App Store on your iOS device, and on Google Play). You will need your UID to complete your enrollment.

I have questions about my Care@Work benefits. Who should I contact?

You can contact the UHR Support Center.

What kind of information do I need to provide about my dependents?

To ensure your care needs are met, Care@Work will ask for the following information during enrollment: name, age, gender, and details on any special needs.

What does my Care@Work Membership include?

You get unlimited access to the world’s largest network of caregivers. There, you can explore detailed caregiver profiles in your area, post a job for caregivers to apply to, access the Safety Center and background check options, send real-time payments to caregivers, and even learn about household payroll and tax assistance.

What precautions does Care@Work take to maintain a safe community?

Your family’s well-being is important. That’s why Care@Work offers tools and resources to help you evaluate risk and stay savvy about safety. At you can find:

  • Safety guides to help make safe decisions throughout your caregiver search
  • Background Check Guide
  • Option to request and run a background check on a caregiver
  • Safety resources to stay informed and help keep you and your family safe
  • Safety FAQs

How do I pay for care?

You can pay caregivers directly, through our site, or through the Care@Work app.

Can I use my Dependent Care FSA to pay?

Not at this time.

What if I already have a account?

If you already have a account created to find caregivers, you will need to merge the account with your company-sponsored membership. During enrollment, take the following steps:

  • Visit your company’s Care@Work website
  • Click on “Let’sGetStarted”and follow the prompts
  • When you see “Are you new to” select “No.”
  • Enter The Email Address And Password Associated With Your existing account. You will be prompted to provide your unique employee identifier to verify your eligibility for the employer-sponsored membership.

Backup Care

When can I use Backup Care?

Backup Care should be used when your regular care is not available during work hours. In-home child Backup Care is available for your newborn to teenage children. In-center Backup Care is available for center-aged children during center hours, which may vary. Adult care is available in either your home or the home of the adult needing care. For new adult care requests, an in-home assessment is conducted before starting care.

How does Personal Network Backup Care work?

Instead of selecting from’s network of vetted providers, members may use care providers sourced on their own. Individuals who select this option are responsible for vetting, scheduling, and directly paying Personal Network care providers, and then submitting a request for reimbursement to within one month of using personal network care. The applicable copay amount will be deducted from the total claim and the balance will be reimbursed up to $125/day.

How are in-home child Backup Care providers screened?

All caregivers are vetted and required to complete orientation and health and safety training. Their screening process includes: child care reference checks, video or in-person interviews, Criminal Background Check, National Sex Offender Public Website Check, name and address verification via SSN, and U.S. work eligibility verification.

How does Care@Work screen Backup Care centers?

Our dedicated staff thoroughly vets each facility before it becomes an approved Backup Care center in our network. Centers must be state licensed, perform criminal background checks on the teachers and staff they employ, check against the National Sex Offender Registry, check against Central Abuse and Neglect Registry, and confirm eligibility to work in the U.S.

How are adult Backup Care providers screened?

Care@Work’s network of adult care agencies maintains a rigorous screening process for care providers they employ. Providers may be certified nurse’s aides, home health aides, or experienced elder care companions, and will have at least two professional references and a criminal Background Check in accordance with state guidelines.

How much advance notice must I give?

Backup Care with an in-home provider can be requested up to 90 days in advance, while in-center Backup Care can be requested up to 30 days in advance. It’s best to book Backup Care as soon as you know you have a need so Care@Work can secure a provider or center that meets your needs. Care@Work prefers at least 24 hours’ notice prior to the date of care, when possible.

Can I talk to the caregiver beforehand?

Yes, this is encouraged. You and the in-home caregiver should feel comfortable with each other prior to the day of care. They will call prior to providing care to make an introduction. You may also contact your Backup Care center prior to the day of care.

How do I pay for Backup Care?

The credit card you have on file will be charged after care takes place. Part of your Backup Care is subsidized, so you are only responsible for your co-pay.

What’s the cancellation policy?

For in-home care, your credit card will be charged $30 if you cancel after your reservation is confirmed. If your caregiver has already arrived or is on their way, you will be charged $60. If you cancel a center reservation within 24 hours, you will be charged your daily co-pay and it will be counted toward your allotted days.

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