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Salary Structures

The formal salary structures, for both Exempt and Nonexempt positions, are developed under the umbrella of the University System of Maryland (USM). Each salary scale is reviewed biannually, on alternating years. Recommendations to adjust the scales are made in accordance with market movement. Each USM institution is involved in the development of the recommendations. The Compensation and Classification Team adheres to using a market-based pay system. Various national and local salary surveys are used to determine the appropriate salaries for staff employees.

Current Salary Structures (FY2025)

Past Salary Structures (FY2024)

Faculty / GA / Fellows

Student Wages

Undergraduate Students $15.00 $25.00
Graduate Students $15.00 $30.00

Undergraduate students are employed in a variety of capacities at the University.  They must be paid at least the minimum wage that is set by the State of Maryland.  The University of Maryland, College Park is not subject to the Prince Georges County Minimum Wage Law. If there is a conflict between county and state law, state law prevails.

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