I-9 and E-Verify System

Wondering how and where to login?
Click the I- 9 Complete login link on the right hand side of the page. You will use your common login username and password to gain access to I-9 Complete!


New Form I-9 (07172017 N) (9/11/2017) - Each version of the Form I-9 is often identified by the revision date in the lower right hand corner of » » more
I-9 Complete Update (2/7/2017) - Investing in UMD Future Over the past two years, the University of Maryland Human Resources has been busy working on » » more

I-9 Helpful Hints

To search for an employee that has an existing I-9 in the system or that you have already created a Profile for, you will look in the top right hand corner  at the magnifying glass and search by last name of the employee.

Attention All New Users 

Congratulations! You have all made it through the first week of I-9 Complete electronic system implementation.  I have received some common questions that I think would be beneficial to help answer so that everyone is aware.

Last updated: September 7, 2017