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LinkedIn Learning

University Human Resources would like to highlight an important resource available to all university employees – LinkedIn Learning. LinkedIn Learning provides employees with unlimited access to an online library of 15,000+ instructional videos designed to enhance job performance and close job-related skills gaps.

At A Glance: Noteworthy Benefits & Features

World-Class Content

Digital courses taught by industry experts. Available in English, Spanish, German and French.

Custom Learning Paths

Learn at your own pace with compiled playlists based on a topic or career track.


In-depth and bite-sized courses that can be viewed 24-hours a day via desktop computers, laptops, iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet, or other mobile devices.


Downloadable exercise files that reinforce retention, assessments to measure learning, and certificates of completion to recognize and celebrate skill development.

First Time Log In

During the initial activation process, users will be asked to connect an existing LinkedIn profile or create a new one. Only a users learning data, and profile picture is shared with UMD. No other data from your LinkedIn account is accessible or shared. For more details please see Privacy Information for LinkedIn Learning Learners. Users are not required to connect a LinkedIn profile in order to activate and use LinkedIn Learning.

Only your learning data, and profile picture is shared with UMD. No other data from your LinkedIn account is accessible or shared.

What are the benefits of connecting my LinkedIn account?

  • A more personalized learning experience that includes special course recommendations for learners based on job title, skills, and industry.
  • More insights into learning trends, what LinkedIn influencers and thought leaders are recommending etc.
  • More guidance to participate in learning, with LinkedIn Learning recommendations appearing within your LinkedIn profile.

For more benefits and information on connecting accounts download this information sheet.

After First Time Log in


How to use LinkedIn Learning alongside cutting-edge, brain-based research to create a learning game plan, execute it, and make the knowledge stick. Understand which skills are in demand, how to find the training to reach your goals, and how to showcase your new skills.

How to use LinkedIn Learning

Learn how to find the best courses to take using our recommendations and search tools, explore learning paths, play and pause training videos, use transcripts and exercise files, and customize your learning experience.

Gaining skills with LinkedIn Learning
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