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HR Partners

To enhance the quality and effectiveness of University Human Resources’ initiatives, an HR Partner role for each university unit has been established. The HR Partner functions as the unit’s primary representative and liaison to University Human Resources on strategic HR matters. HR Partners will provide feedback on current and proposed institutional HR programs, initiatives, communications, and process strategies that impact their respective divisions.

The critical components of the HR Partner role are as follows:

  • To represent the organization in the provision of interactive input and feedback to UHR regarding current and proposed new or modified institutional HR programs and initiatives, communications, and process strategies.
  • To serve as the organization’s principal partner or liaison with UHR in the successful implementation, communication, establishment, and promotion of new or enhanced HR programs, processes, and initiatives.
  • To serve as a conduit for communication between UHR and the organization conveying accurate, consistent, and timely information to staff and faculty within each constituent operating unit.
  • To provide a level of strategic coordination regarding HR transactions that are appropriate to the specific organization, and to provide leadership or initiate collaboration with UHR in the remediation of situational problems and non-compliant or out-of-guidelines activities.
  • To network with other HR Partners and UHR subject matter experts to discuss and benchmark HR practices across the institution, and to gain institutional insight into HR compliance issues and associated areas of risk.

Specific duties and responsibilities of an HR Partner may be delegated per the staffing structure and operational requirements of the organization. However, the primary point of strategic liaison and collaboration between the organization and UHR shall remain the designated HR Partner.

Member Roster

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Unit Name
AGNR-Dean-Fiscal Office Abigail Rosenberg
AGNR-Dean-Fiscal Office Jessica Vernon
AGNR-Dean-Fiscal Office Norman Pruitt
ARCH-School of Architecture, Planning, & Preservation Janny Peng
ARHU-College of Arts & Humanities Julie Wright
ARHU-College of Arts & Humanities Kathleen Cavanaugh
BMGT-Dean-Office of Finance & Accounting Jeremy Kugel
BMGT-Robert H. Smith School of Business Bobvita Salters
BSOS-College of Behavioral & Social Sciences Jacinta Kelly
BSOS-College of Behavioral & Social Sciences Jerelyn Fileppi
CMNS-College of Computer, Math & Natural Sciences Dawn Myers
DIT-Business Support Services Meredith Lee
DIT-Business Support Services Nina Hamedani
DIT-ERP-Enterprise Resource Planning Christine Hottel
DIT-ERP-Enterprise Resource Planning Gaye Bugenhagen
DIT-ERP-Enterprise Resource Planning Kim Colbert
EDUC-College of Education Hakim Scott
ENGR-A. James Clark School of Engineering Angela Bobich
ENGR-A. James Clark School of Engineering Teresa Moore
EXST-Extended Studies John DeOrnellas
EXST-Extended Studies Karl Leighton
GRAD-Graduate School Patricia Woodwell
INFO-College of Information Studies Bridget Faherty
INFO-College of Information Studies Kibbi Henderson
JOUR-Philip Merrill College of Journalism Vanessa Nichols-Holmes
LIBR-Libraries Mary Fortier
LIBR-Libraries Tiffany Rogers
PLCY-School of Public Policy Kimberly Schmidt
PRES-ICA-External Relations Stacey Jones
PRES-President's Office Kanitta Tonggarwee
PRES-VP for Diversity & Inclusion Veronica Lewis
SPHL-School of Public Health Amanda Grimes
SVPAAP-Sr VP Academic Affairs & Provost Rhonda Smith
UGST-Undergraduate Studies Jamie Hoots
UHR-University Human Resource Amy Swartz
USG-Shady Grove Center Neetha Thomas
USG-Shady Grove Center Nitshu Joshi
VPA-FM-FBO-HR & Payroll Ava-Lisa Macon
VPA-FM-FBO-HR & Payroll Reisa Baynes
VPA-Public Safety Michael Leadbeter
VPA-Transportation Services-Parking Colleen Thompson
VPA-Transportation Services-Parking Shayna Hodges
VPA-University Human Resources Ashlee Haye
VPA-University Human Resources Clint Eury
VPA-University Human Resources Jacqueline Richmond
VPA-University Human Resources Jennifer Boswell
VPA-University Human Resources LaTanya Chauncey
VPA-University Human Resources Namrata Ram-Andriessens
VPA-University Human Resources Rashel Byrd
VPA-University Human Resources Rythee Lambert-Jones
VPA-University Human Resources Sarah Babineau
VPA-University Human Resources Vandaliah Aderholt
VPA-University Human Resources Zahira Meyers
VPA-VP Administration Karol Salisbury
VPF-CON-Payroll Services Kim Williams
VPF-Controller Lillian Nash
VPF-Vice President Finance & CFO Rasheed Ojuko
VPR-VP Research Adrienne Newman
VPR-VP Research Jeffrey Snider
VPSA-Dining Services Joe Mullineaux
VPSA-Dining Services Veronica Turcios
VPSA-Res Facilities-Director's Office Jacinta Felice
VPSA-Res Facilities-Employee Services Angela Jackson
VPSA-Res Facilities-Employee Services Jose Flores
VPSA-RL-Director Salary/L&A Meredith Carpenter
VPSA-SU-Stamp Human Resources Kalia Patricio
VPSA-UHC-University Health Center Jeannet Meneses Torres
VPSA-University Recreation & Wellness Earl Cabellon
VPSA-University Recreation & Wellness Rainer Tandaju
VPUR-Financial Management Nicole Jenkins
GRAD-Graduate School Vanessa Ettema Greer
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