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Training Partners

L&T Partners

In an effort to enhance the quality and effectiveness of university learning and training initiatives, a Training Partner role has been established.  The focus of this role is to innovate for learning & training, to increase employee engagement – performance and drive talent development across UMD.

To collaborate on all learning and training strategic matters towards innovative solutions for staff and faculty development and performance.


  • Innovate and contribute to development and implementation of new initiatives for the good of campus
  • Serve as conduit for communication and share information from and to, staff faculty and leadership
  • Represent and make decisions pertaining to learning & training  implementations for your unit
  • Network, discuss and benchmark training practices across the institution and gain institutional insight into employee engagement and talent development of staff and faculty


Campus Training Partners meet monthly on the 3rd Wednesday from 2:00 pm until 3:30 pm. You can join in the meetings and be included on our email list by sending an email to

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