HR Service Representatives

group of people graphicIn an effort to enhance the quality and efficiency of HR transactions, communications, program implementations, and initiatives, an HR Service Representative role has been established. HR Service Representatives ensure that UMD’s Human Resource processes and procedures are followed throughout their respective organizations in accordance with Federal/State laws and regulations, University policies and procedures, and accepted best practices.


HR Service Representative Role DESCRIPTION

The HR Service Representatives work on behalf of their respective departments serving as a conduit for process improvement, UHR communication, and training.

The key responsibilities of the HR Service Representative are as follows:

The HR Service Representative role with UHR is to implement process improvement changes within their department/college/unit.  HR service Representatives responsibilities include:

  • Attending monthly HR Process Improvement Forums
  • Providing input and feedback on current processes and improvements
  • Acting as a liaison from/to UHR for communicating to their departments
  • Act as the point of contact for all UHR service areas and for audit reports from UHR’s systems
  • Monitor data for accuracy and integrity


DepartmentHR Service Reresentative
AGNR - Agricultural & Resource EconomicsDany Burns
AGNR - Dean Fiscal OfficePatti Nitowitz
AGNR - Department of Veterinary MedicineLisa Geraghty
AGNR - Department of Veterinary MedicineRicardo Morales
AGNR - UME Sea Grant ExtensionLucinda Botlero
ARCH - School of ArchMonica Herrera
ARHU - Clarice Smith Performing Arts CenterLeeAnn Serrant
ARHU - Deans OfficeHeather Gray
ARHU - EnglishRebecca Sommer
ARHU - LinguisticsKimberly Kwok
ARHU - MeyerhoffJaclyn Hopkins
ARHU-ArtJennifer Flores
ARHU-ArtLorie Lonon
ARHU-Art History & ArchaeologyAnna Waller
ARHU-Dean-MD Language Science CenterCaitlin Eaves
ARHU-MD Institute for Technology in the HumanitiesGrace Babukiika
ARHU-School of MusicJeannette Oliver
BMGT - Deans OfficeMonica Johnson
BSOS - African American StudiesSharon Hodgson
BSOS - African American StudiesMarci Deloatch
BSOS - Deans OfficeDonna Middledorf
BSOS - Deans OfficeEllen Marth
BSOS - Deans Office Academic Computing ServicesAmanda Pickles
BSOS - EconomicsHeather Nalley
BSOS - EconomicsEmily Molleur
BSOS - EconomicsAmanda Statland
BSOS - GeographyShannon Bobbitt
BSOS - PsychologyJoanne Leffson-Bryant
BSOS - SociologyMini Rajan
BSOS-Criminology & Criminal JusticeCharlene Werner
BSOS-Criminology & Criminal JusticeAbigail Rosenberg
CMNSJudy Leung
CMNSArlene Manguiat
CMNS - AstronomyMary Ann Phillips
CMNS - Atmospheric & Oceanic ScienceBrenadette Gatewood
CMNS - BiologyJo Anne Mealo
CMNS - Chemistry & BiochemistryMari Andrews
CMNS - Computer ScienceJodie Gray
CMNS - Deans OfficeMaggi Gray
CMNS - EntomologyPam Biery
CMNS - EntomologyJamie Carrigan
CMNS - ESSICMonica Gonsalves
CMNS - Inst for Advanced Computer StudiesYerty Valenzuela
CMNS - Inst for Resch in electronics & Applied PhysicsNancy Boone
CMNS - Inst for Research in Electronics & Applied PhysicsJudith Gorski
CMNS - IPSTSokhan Min
CMNS - MathematicsRachel Katz
CMNS - MathematicsRuth Yun
CMNS - MathematicsLisa Geraghty
CMNS - MathematicsLiliana Gonzalez
CMNS - PhysicsLorraine DeSalvo
CMNS - PhysicsPauline Rirksopa
CMNS -Institute for Advanced Computer StudiesArlene Shenk
CMNS-Inst for Research in Electronics & Applied PhysicsRoxanne Defendini
DIT - EE - Business Support ServicesTheresa Holloway
DIT- EE - Business Support ServicesNina Hamedani
EDUC - College of EducationDian Poore
EDUC - Dean OutreachRobin Walukonis
EDUC-CounselingStefanie James
ENGR - AerospaceOtto Fandino
ENGR - BioengineeringCarol Ann Augustin
ENGR - Chemical/MaterialsKay Morris
ENGR - Civil & Environmental EngineeringImisi Agbaniyaka
ENGR - Civil & Environmental EngineeringJo Ann Maxim
ENGR - Deans OfficeJanet Murphy
ENGR - Deans OfficeAngela Bobich
ENGR - Deans OfficePaula Beaver
ENGR - ElectricalLaShanna Young
ENGR - Electrical & ComputerVivian Lu
ENGR - Inst for Systems ResearchAlexis Jenkins
ENGR - Materials Science & EngineeringSteve Wicker
ENGR - Mechanical EngineeringTammie Wonning
ENGR - MTECHDan Carafelli
ENGR - MTECHKaren Russo
ENGR-Engineering Information TechnologyLalitha Shalini
EXST - Office of Extended StudiesAlka Soni
GRAD - Grad SchoolMaria Thomas
INFO - College of Information StudiesKibbi Henderson
JOUR - College of JournalismJanet Woolery
LIBR - LibrariesAishar Pinnock
LIBR - LibrariesDun Yee Wong
PLCY - Scool of Public PolicyFrancesca Perry
PLCY - Scool of Public PolicyLori Ganey
PLCY-Center for Public Policy and Private EnterpriseDawn Pulliam
PRES - ICA Business OfficeJauntel Tate
PRES - ICA Business OfficeSebastian Knox
PRES - MFRIStacy Moltz
PRES - Presidents OfficeDamaris Viera
PRES - Presidents OfficeAnn Tonggarwee
SPHL - Family ScienceSkyler DeWalt
SPHL - Family ScienceDoris Richardson
SVPAAP - IBBRChristy Kooba
SVPAAP - IBBRRita Varela
SVPAAP - IBBRDonna Taylor
SVPAAP - NyumburuValentina Lorick
SVPAAP - Office of the RegistrarToya Garrett Williams
SVPAAP - Sr VP Academic Affairs & ProvostRhonda Smith
SVPAAP-EM-Strategic Planning & CommunicationsTraci Jackson
SVPAAP-Office of International AffairsWilliam Biddle
UGST - Academic Achievement ProgramsFrances Woods-Suku
UGST - Academic Achievement ProgramsGiselle Denbow
UGST - College Park ScholarsCarolyn Seward
UGST - Honors College Rebecca Forbes
UGST - Honors CollegeKaren Deal
UGST - Letters & SciencesSarah Gebremicael
UGST - Pre-College ProgramsAdrienne Miles
UGST - Undergraduate StudiesSharon Tharkur
UGST - Undergraduate StudiesJennifer Kurty
UGST-Honors CollegeKaren Deal
UGST-Honors CollegeRebecca Forbes
USG - University at Shady GroveNeetha Thomas
USG - University at Shady GroveBrandon Smolen
USG-Shady Grove CenterNitshu Joshi
VPAF - ComptrollerTrinette Young
VPAF - Environmental SafetyKarol Salisbury
VPAF - FMSharon Simmons
VPAF - FMHilary Mann
VPAF - FMJoan Cannon
VPAF - FMStephanie Miller
VPAF - FMChuck Bagley
VPAF - University Human ResourcesLaDonna Hopkins
VPAF - University Human ResourcesBarbara Rieger
VPAF - VPJane Mulliken
VPR - CASLJackie Madoo
VPR - IGSRRobin Parker Cox
VPR - IGSRK Paul rezai-Zadeh
VPR - SBDCLora Brown
VPR - VPVeronica Lewis
VPSA - Counseling CenterGina Becton
VPSA - Department of Resident LifeSylvia Thomas
VPSA - Department of Resident LifeMeredith Carpenter
VPSA - Department of Resident LifeDaniel Ostick
VPSA - Dining ServicesTricia Keenan
VPSA - Fraternity and Sorority LifeMichelle Allen
VPSA - University Career CenterErin Brault
VPSA - University Health CenterElizabeth Zapata
VPSA - University Recreation & WellnessEarl Cabellon
VPSA-Res Facilities-Financial ServicesLisa Amick
VPSA-SU-Stamp Human ResourcesKalia Patricio
VPSA-SU-Stamp Human ResourcesMarinel Martinez
VPSA-Transportation ServicesColleen Thompsan-Bynum
VPUR - Financial ManagementNicole Jenkins
VPUR - University RelationsMolly Wilkinson
VPUR - University RelationsChristine Vicencio
VPUR - University RelationsSu-Hui Lei


January 182:30 pm - 4:00 pmCanceled
February 222:30 pm - 4:00 pmMFRI Classroom 1
March 222:30 pm - 4:00 pmCanceled
April 261:00 pm - 2:30 pmClark Hall Forum, Room 1101 A & B
May 242:30 pm - 4:00 pmCanceled
June 282:30 pm - 4:00 pmClark Hall Forum, Room 1101 A&B
July 262:30 pm - 4:00 pmClark Hall Forum, Room 1101 A&B
AugustNo MeetingNo Meeting
September 272:30 pm - 4:00 pmTBD
October 252:30 pm - 4:00 pmTBD
NovemberNo MeetingNo Meeting
December 132:30 pm - 4:00 pmTBD


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