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Sick and Safe Leave (SSL)

The University recognizes the importance of achieving a healthy balance between work and family obligations and is committed to supporting our employees through certain measures to promote a “family-friendly” environment.  Therefore, in accordance with the Maryland Healthy Working Families Act, a paid Sick and Safe Leave (SSL) is available to eligible employees to be used under the following conditions:

  • To care for or treat the employee’s mental or physical illness, injury or condition;
  • To obtain preventative medical care for the employee or the employee’s family member;
  • To care for a family member with a mental or physical illness, injury or condition;
  • For maternity or paternity leave; or
  • The absence from work is necessary due to domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking committed against the employee or the employee’s family member and the leave is being used: (1) to obtain medical or mental health attention; (2) to obtain services from a victim services organization; (3) for legal services or proceedings; or (4) because the employee has temporarily relocated as a result of the domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking.


Hourly employees (hourly faculty, hourly exempt/nonexempt staff, and undergraduate/graduate students) that regularly work 12 hours per week.  A Total FTE of 30% or greater.

Leave Accrual

Eligible hourly employees (working a minimum of 12 hours per week) accrue Sick and Safe Leave (SSL) each pay period based on their Total FTE of all their hourly appointments.  The FTE is determined by the employing unit based upon the employee’s anticipated work schedule. The maximum ppd accrual rate for a full time employee is 2.67 hours which would be reduced if the employee’s total FTE is less then 100%.

Leave wait period

106 days from the date of hire for employees new to UMD or the Continuous Employment Date in PHR if previously employed at UMD

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