Parental Leave

The University of Maryland (UMD) Policy on Staff Parental Leave and Other Family Supports is intended to support eligible staff in balancing work and family demands through measures to promote a “family friendly” environment.

Recent Changes

Effective October 1, 2018 and until amended accordingly, VII-7.49(A) UMD Policy on Staff Parental Leave shall be interpreted to provide regular exempt and non-exempt staff with at least 6 months of institutional service, up to 60 continuous days of assured, paid parental leave.

All other provisions of the current UMD staff parental leave policy unrelated to the reduction in the institutional service requirement and increase in assured, paid parental leave shall remain in force.

Paid Leave Assurance

The 60-day assured, paid parental leave is inclusive of all accrued annual leave and personal leave available to the employee, as well as holiday leave for any/all holidays observed during the leave period.  Employees may not use their accrued sick leave or compensatory leave during the paid parental leave period, and they are no longer required to request Advanced Sick Leave, Extended Sick Leave and/or leave from the Leave Reserve Fund. After exhausting all annual and personal leave available throughout the leave period, the University shall provide additional paid leave as necessary to meet the 60-day assured, paid parental leave.

Supports for Nursing Mothers

The University provides a number of lactation rooms across campus where nursing mothers may breastfeed or express milk.

map symbolCampus lactation rooms may be found here – double-click the lactation room icon on the map for additional information about that specific location.

Requesting Parental Leave

Parts I, II and IV of the Parental Leave Request form must be completed in their entirety prior to submitting the request to your Leave Consultant in the Office of Staff Relations.

Last updated: January 17, 2019